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Team at Coral air are the specilists when it comes to Air Conditioning Installation for all the Commercial, Industrial & residential Clients.  Our wide range of clients includes

.- Hospitals to Office Blocks

– Computer Server Rooms to Factories; 

With Over 40 Years in HVAC, we have the experience and expertise to design and install the most energy efficient Air Conditioning Systems to suit your requirements.

Challenge us to custom design your HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning), BMS (Building Management System) or Fume Extraction system as the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable solution possible. We’ll make it happen!

Here’s how we handled a few of our latest challenges…

Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning System Installation:

Serious About Safety – Protecting your Employees, your Clients, your Business

Safety at work is a core concern to Coral Air. From the protection of your employees and clients right through to the safety of our technicians while on the job; we take every precaution during installation and ensure that all environmental standards and codes are adhered to once installation is complete.

Air Conditioning Design & Installation - Commercial & Home

Air Conditioning actually conditions your mood and builds a cozy environment. Most fundamentally, it will create a calm temperature in which people can sleep happily, and work efficiently. As it would reduce the moisture and also lower the amount of pollen and mildew, it could help in preventing asthma and with having the advanced filters it would keep the bugs away. It also reduces the risk of heatstroke and the list of benefits goes on…

But, in order to apply most cost effective air conditioning for your home or office, a lot of expertise is required. Why? It is because every location is different and a certain amount of knowledge and skills are required to determine how to install the air conditioning system and where. Upon completing the Air Conditioning design, Air Conditioning Installation must be done equally carefully.

Coral Air provides 40 years of expert and reliable Air conditioning design and installation services that would ensure that would enable you to get the best of Air conditioning systems. We are very transparent in our operations showing you all the details you need to see.

Expert Air Conditioning Installation in Sydney

Our design process confirms the latest standards & regulations along with the professional guidance given by the specific manufacturers. We perform an all-round analysis of your home or office and its context to determine the best way of applying air conditioners within the budget & the timescale of the project.

We perform heat load calculations which would let us evaluate the heating load and cooling load required. We also comply with all the legislative requirements as specified by authorities. Not only the functionality, but we also take aesthetics into account and set up what you would prefer: hide it or make it stand out.

Our experience helps us to ask the right questions and from the answer we receive, we recommend the right solutions that work for you.