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Industrial Air Conditioning Repair, Service & Installation

In addition to the cool temperature required by the machines and also the people, some industries may require filtering out any pollutants, toxins, odours, viruses, and whatnot, that might be released by their processes. Problems like these and many others are aptly solvable by installing quality Industrial air conditioning units.

But, providing Air conditioning for industries is a large endeavour and is better delegated to the experts in the field. Coral Air provides 40 years of dependable Industrial Air conditioning repair, service & installation that will let you leverage the technology of air conditioning in providing better and safer work experience. Our services include:

Industrial Air Conditioning

Industrial Air conditioning design:

Based on the unique conditions of your industrial plant and the place, we thoroughly plan the air conditioning that needs to be placed. We base our calculations on various factors such as heating/cooling load required, your budget, ease, and access for periodic maintenance along with your aesthetic preferences. We also consider various legal regulations and adhere to the latest standards.

Industrial Air conditioning installation:

With the understanding of where, how and other aspects of air conditioning needs to be in your place, we proceed with the careful installation of the system. With our technicians carefully following the instructions of the manufacturers and the skills they have, there is no room for any mistakes!