Energy Efficient Building Management Systems

Or we`ll call you

Energy Efficienct Building Management System (BMS)

and Safety at your Finger Tips.

At Coral Air we povide our clients both commerial,  industrial & government agencies with a ‘one stop’ service for any and all Energy Efficient building management systems (BMS). Utilising ‘Tridium’s’ range of hardware and software, we are able to provide the best options for your unique requirements.

Our Building Management System Services
  • Provide a complete building strategy to increase energy efficiency and decrease costs
  • Conduct comprehensive site audit
  • Achieve (where possible) 25% or higher energy savings
  • Set benchmarks and baselines for your facility
  • Upgrade Chiller control panels to increase efficiency
  • Train staff and technicians to utilise your system to it’s full potential and identify future improvements

Building Management Systems for Commercial & industrial Facilities

We look at every option to reduce lighting ‘run time’ – such as motion detection for internal lighting and lumen sensing for outdoor lighting. We also consider re-grouping lighting channels and other lamp options to reduce your Carbon Footprint.
Energy Monitoring & Reporting

Our reporting systems are web based and give you clear visual representations of your usage.

Air Conditioning Control

Our engineers will research every aspect of your facility and devise a comprehensive system plan. We will continually look for innovative ideas that can improve the cost effectiveness both now and in the long term operation of the system.

Data Centres

With modern data centres now having ModBus enabled equiptment as standard. We can intergrate the total system cost effectively for monitoring and alarming. Alarms can be raised and escalated through email, SNMP, SMS and our own front end workstation – so there’s no chance of missing problems as they occur. We also accept SNMP traps from your servers and equiptment to be the alarm routing system for all your needs.

Chiller Control Panel Upgrades

You can upgrade your control panel to have clear language display.

Water Condenser Optimisation

Controlling flow rates, temperature, fan controls. Properly setting and monitoring water levels can amke your plant more efficient and save substantial electricity and water in the process