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A fully Air Conditioning ducted system allows you to heat or cool your whole house 24 hours a day. Or you can select the rooms you wish to air condition and save on running costs – for example living areas during the day and bedrooms at night.

Coral Air can design, supply and install a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system to an existing home or to a residence being constructed or renovated. We can design a system off your plans, or conduct a survey of your home and create our own plan and design.

Fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system operates from a central unit that air conditions your entire home through unobtrusive grilles located in the ceiling or floor. We cater for all leading brands and will assure that they all come with genuine warranties to give you full piece of mind. Call now or request a free quote by filling the enquiry form and our friendly staff will contact your shortly.


Coral Air recommend ActronAir & Daikin air conditioners. You can download the product brochures below:
Air Conditioning Ducted System

Ductwork for Ducted Heating & Cooling System

Coral Air customers can rest assured that we will only install ductwork which has a high R-rating and is fire rated. Coral Air will also ensure that the ducting installed is always sized correctly.

Some contractors in the industry are unaware of how to design ductwork, resulting in incorrectly installed ductwork causing excessively noisy and inefficient systems. Undersized ductwork may save money in the short term, but will lead to problems down the track. At Coral Air we have over 40 Years Experience in Residential and commercial air conditioning. 

Ducted air conditioning uses a system of fans, ducts, and refrigerant to distribute cool air. The fans are attached to the indoor unit, which is often located in the ceiling or under a roof. The fans pull air into the unit and push it out through the ducts to distribute it throughout the room. Refrigerant is used to carry the cold air and remove heat. It is added to the system and removed as needed through evaporation or by turning on a thermostat. Ducted air conditioning is an efficient way to keep a room or building comfortable and comfortable, but it requires frequent maintenance and care.

  • Ducted air conditioning systems can be installed quickly and easily
  • Saving you time and money.
  • Ducted air conditioning systems are versatile
  • They can be used for both heating and cooling.
  • Ducted air conditioning systems are quiet
  • Making it easier to enjoy your home without disturbing others.
  • Ducted air conditioning systems use less energy
  • Making it more environmentally friendly.
  • Ducted air conditioning systems can help to reduce energy costs

Ducted air conditioning systems typically come with a ducting system that connects the unit to the outdoors. This system allows the conditioned air to be distributed throughout the home by sucking it in from the outdoor area and pushing it out into other rooms. With a ducted system, individual rooms may have their own individual thermostats and fans, which can allow for more customized control over the temperature and airflow in each room.

On the other hand, a split system air conditioning system uses a separate fan to distribute conditioned air in each room. This type of system is more common in homes with large spaces or high ceilings because it allows for more even distribution of conditioned air throughout the home without having to worry about individual fan settings.

There are three basic types of commercial HVAC ducting systems:

1) Supply and return systems – These systems are designed to distribute conditioned air from the building to individual rooms, and return stale air to the outside. They typically consist of a series of distribution boxes connected by flexible ducts. Supply and return systems can be made up of a variety of materials, including steel, wood, and plastic.

2) Parallel system – This type of system uses one or more sets of parallel ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout a building. It is often used for large commercial buildings with many rooms. The parallel system consists of one or more series of distribution boxes connected by flexible ducts. Parallel systems are often made up of steel or fiberglass for durability and ease of maintenance.

3) Combination system – This system combines elements from both supply and return systems and parallel systems, such as supply and return fans in some rooms and parallel distribution boxes in others. It is most commonly used in commercial buildings with a mix of different types of rooms. The combination system consists of one or more combination boxes connected by ducts made up of both rigid and flexible sections. Combination systems are commonly made up of aluminum or steel for durability and ease of maintenance.