Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning


We had a client that was experiencing constant tripping of their main switch to their building due to the increased load within the building. Every time the power was lost there was a loss to the production of 3-4 hours due to the time it takes for the machinery to restart after a power failure.

For this client to upgrade the incoming power supply to the building would cost @300,000.00 and take 12 months or so to facilitate. As a solution to this issue, we implemented the below measures;

Installed a natural gas fired air conditioning plant connected to the property.
Installed power monitoring current transformers onto the building’s supply and monitor this through the building management system (BMS).
Installed a natural gas-powered generator and multiple changes over contactors. Natural gas was chosen as a fuel to eliminate the requirement for bulk liquid storage, bunting, flue cost, and refueling costs.
When the load on the building approaches the maximum the BMS switches of air conditioning systems as required, then starts the generator, swaps the power supply for the air conditioners over to the generator supply, and then restarts the air conditioning.
When the load on the building decreases then automatically swap the air conditioning load back onto the mains supply.
Since this system has been implemented there has not been a power loss to the building.