Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning


One of our clients was having problems with their chiller tripping out during low load conditions. The site consists of 2 water-cooled chillers 1 of which is dedicated to low load conditions. The site has a couple of zones that require cooling when the rest of the site is calling for heating.

To overcome this problem, we have installed a plate heat exchanger connected between the building’s chilled water loop and the condenser water loop. With a couple of zones calling for cooling, we redirect the chilled water to circulate through the heat exchanger rather than the chillers, the condenser water pumps are then operated. The temperature and mass of the condenser water are more than enough to provide cooling where required for long periods of time during low load conditions.

The above system has solved the problem of the chiller constantly tripping and also provided considerable cost savings by not running the chiller and using free cooling.

Ultising dormant cooling capacity in a condenser water /cooling tower loop, via a heat exchanger, generating large energy savings.