Split System Air Conditioning

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A ‘Split Air Conditioning System’ is where the indoor unit sits separately from the outdoor and is connected by refrigeration, copper piping, and electrical wiring.

Split systems generally provide the lowest possible noise levels both indoors and outside, and are usually controlled by an infra-red remote control for quick and accurate control of temperature, fan speed, 24 hour timing and air flow direction on some models.

The split type comes in many forms, the most popular being the Hi-wall type; there are also Floor Console, Underceiling, Cassette, and Multihead types. At Coral Air, we provide you with the most cost-effective and energy-efficient Split Air Conditioning System option. If you are based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Inner West & Sutherland Shire area then contact us . We are your local Residential Air conditioning experts for over 40 Years,

Split System Air Conditioning

Hi-wall Split System Air Conditioners

These are the most common type of domestic air conditioners and are generally used to condition a single room. Usually fitted in a window, or, for quiet performance, in an opening specially cut in the wall.

All cooling, heating and circulation components are contained in a case, usually mounted between 1.2 and 2 metres above the floor.

Types of Split System Air Conditioners

Floor Console

This system operates on the same principle as the Hi-wall except the wall mounted console is replaced by an attractive floor console.

A separation between inside and outside of up to 25 metres is allowable with the unit. The operation of this unit is achieved by a simple control located at the console.


Multihead systems consist of one outdoor unit but multiple indoor units (up to four depending on the make/manufacturer).


Coral Air recommend ActronAir & Daikin split system air conditioners for residential installation. You can download the product brochures below

A split-type air conditioning system is a type of air conditioning system in which the outdoor unit and indoor unit are separated from each other. This allows for different settings and temperatures for each area. These systems are typically used in homes and buildings with large differences in temperature, such as those in different parts of the house or different levels of the building. They allow for more precise control over the temperature inside a building, which may help to reduce energy consumption and maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

A split air conditioning system consists of two separate units, usually connected by a duct. One unit is typically mounted in the ceiling and the other unit is mounted on the floor or wall. These units are separated by a divider, which can be made of glass, metal, or plastic. The units contain separate coils and fans to provide individual cooling for different rooms in a home. This type of system is typically used in homes with several different rooms that need to be individually cooled.

The difference between AC and a split air conditioner is like the difference between a single-pane window and a triple-pane windows. A single-pane window allows incoming light to pass through but little or no heat to escape, whereas a triple-pane window allows both incoming light and outgoing heat to pass through. In the same way, an AC unit is a type of air conditioning system that allows incoming air and outgoing heat to pass through it, whereas a split AC unit is a type of air conditioning system that splits incoming air into two sections (one for indoor use and one for outdoor use) as well as allowing some heat to escape from inside the unit. So basically, an AC unit is a more advanced form of air conditioning system that offers more functionality and better cooling efficiency.

Yes, a split system can cool multiple rooms efficiently and effectively. The main benefit of a split system is that it allows you to use one unit to cool several rooms at once. This makes it easier to manage your energy costs and allows you to economize on the size of your cooling unit. Just make sure that the unit you choose has the capacity and features necessary for a multi-room application. Another advantage of a split system is that it can help you save money on electricity costs by reducing the amount of time each room needs to be cooled. Finally, a split system can be more energy-efficient than traditional AC units because it uses less power to run. So whether you have multiple rooms or just want to save on your energy bills, a split system could be the solution for you!